Professionals on the road

HF-Memo allows the driver to listen to incoming SMS and emails instead of reading them, and to take notes, with just one press of a button. All this with your eyes on the road.

HF-Memo for Android Based Smartphones

HF-Memo is an easy-to-use mobile phone application for drivers, to handle voice and text data in the car. It is equipped with a Bluetooth remote controller for convenient access. Easily record parts of phone calls or your own dictation, or let your phone speak any incoming SMS & emails aloud instead of reading them yourself, with just one press of a button!

  • Only two switches on the remote controller, it's easy to use: record and play voice files or listen to SMS & emails spoken aloud. It's easy to use, with only two switches on the remote controller, preferably attached to the steering wheel with an extra accessory: shift between modes, record and play voice files or listen to SMS & emails spoken aloud. (WhatsApp soon available.)
  • Use HF-Memo with any wired or A2DP compatible bluetooth handsfree equipment to get the best out of it.
  • Your phone runs the application in the background. Since you operate it via the remote controller, using HF-Memo doesn't interfere with your regular phone actions. Dial a phone number while hearing it from a recording!
  • The recordings are stored as normal audio files that can be sent as MMS messages or transferred to your computer. HF-Memo uses your phone's internal memory or memory card for the recordings, so the recording capacity depends on the amount of memory installed to the phone.
  • The remote controller can be charged with your phone's charger. No extra gear needed!
  • The application software comes on a standard 1 GB microSD memory card for easy installation on the phone.
  • Currently supported text-to-speech languages: languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, Turkish, Polish, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Russian, Japanese and Mandarin Chinese.

Android compatibility:

This application is compatible from Android version 4.3 (Jelly Bean) and upward.

Recording parts of calls:
Note: Not all Android phones support the two-way call recording feature. If your phone only supports recording your own voice, just repeat what you've heard – you'll also make sure you heard it right.