JK Tuote Lanser Oy

A pioneer within mobile phone accessories, JK Tuote Lanser Oy is a product development and marketing company located in Finland. Our product HF-Memo, a cell phone accessory, is the result of research and continuous development based on studies of traffic safety articles at the University of Helsinki, and on feedback from drivers.

HF-Memo provides a recording feature for important voice data and a text-to-speech feature for received text data – all this by two easily operated push-buttons, your eyes all the time on the road. Currently supported languages are English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Our devices are made in Finland by experienced electronics subcontractors.

JK Tuote Lanser Oy
Käräjäkuja 1 B 55
FIN-01510 Vantaa


Bluetooth: pairing the phone and HF-Memo remote controller for the first time

  1. Switch on the remote controller by pressing either of the two buttons. The blue led starts to blink.
  2. Using your phone's bluetooth control panel (typically under something like Settings > Wireless and Networks > Bluetooth), find the device "HF-Memo" and start pairing. See your phone's user manual for further information about pairing bluetooth devices.
  3. Once the phone discovers the HF-Memo controller, you are asked for a password. Enter "123456". The pairing is ready.
  4. We recommend that you use the phone's bluetooth control panel to select automatic connections to the "HF-Memo" device.

Installing the application software

  1. Insert the microSD memory card in your phone's memory card slot.
  2. The application asks for a license code. You'll find your code attached to your sales package. You must also read and accept the usage terms.
  3. In the beginning, your phone requests you to accept applications from unknown sources. After your approval, proceed as requested by the installation software. When the installation is complete, the HF-Memo icon appears on the phone's applications list.
  4. Start the HF-Memo application. Open the Settings menu and change the default settings where appropriate.
  5. In order to use the text-to-speech feature, you must enter your e-mail address, password and incoming server of your mailbox in the appropriate fields and save them. Note: While typing, please check that "predictive text mode" is NOT ON.

Operating Instructions


  • To switch on the power, hold down either of the two buttons (REC or PLAY) until the led becomes active. If this takes time or you'll see the text "unable to connect", you can connect manually by opening the Settings menu and selecting "Connect a device" and then "HF-Memo".
    The device is ready for use when the blinking of the blue led turns slow.
  • To switch off the power, hold down the REC button until the blue led stops blinking. The power is also automatically switched off when the bluetooth connection is cut off (distance between the phone and the controller is > 10 m).


You can use the remote controller in two different modes:
  • Text-to-speech mode: listen to your phone read your SMS & e-mail messages aloud
  • Audio recording mode: record and listen to voice files
To enter text-to-speech mode, start your phone's messaging or e-mail application. To switch back to audio recording mode, exit the messaging application.

Note: in order to enable listening to emails & SMS, you have to configure and save your email settings on the HF-Memo application Setting menu. If you use Gmail, you may be forced to lower your security level - please select the lower level of the two alternatives if needed, in order to use reading aloud your gmails. Google sends you a link to change it after trying to play your gmail at the first time.


  • PLAY (yellow button)
    To listen to recorded notes, click the PLAY button. To play SMS, tap the messaging icon on your phone’s screen and click the PLAY button. You can hear the newest message. To move to the second newest, see SKIP backward. To play e-mail, tap the Email icon on your phone’s screen and click the PLAY button. You can listen to the newest email as many times as you like and stop reading aloud the recordings, messages and emails by pressing the REC button. To listen to the previous mail, open the last played email by tapping the header and press the PLAY button etc.
  • RECORD (red button)
    To start recording, just click the REC button. To stop recording, click REC again.

    During recording, the red led of the remote controller blinks. On certain phone models, you also see a REC indicator on the phone's screen.

    (Recording is not available in the text-to-speech mode.)

  • SKIP backward
    Click the PLAY button twice to move to the previous message / recording and listen to it. To replay this recording, click PLAY again. To stop playback, click the REC button.
  • SKIP forward
    Keep the PLAY button pressed down to hear the beginning of each recording in sequence ("intro scan"). When you find the recording you are looking for, just release the button to hear all of it. To replay this recording, click PLAY again. To stop playback, click the REC button.

    (Skipping forward is not available in the text-to-speech mode.)

  • QUIT
    You can exit the HF-Memo app by entering the Settings menu and selecting "Quit".


A slowly blinking red led indicates that the battery level of the remote controller is low. Use your phone's charger to charge the device.