Take Notes and listen to incoming messages with your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road!


…driving in busy traffic with an incoming phone call. Suddenly you need to take a note during the conversation or check an incoming SMS, e-mail or WhatsApp message, while still keeping your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.

With HF-Memo, you can record any important details of your calls, dictate useful points that come to mind or listen to any incoming SMS, e-mail or WhatsApp message – all this while driving, with just one press of a button.

HF-Memo is an easy-to-use text to speech Android app and a voice recorder for drivers, with a Bluetooth remote controller that makes things as easy as they can get.

Now available: The text–to-speech language for reading aloud your SMS, E-Mails and WhatsApps is automatically the same language you have chosen to use on your phone from the selection of the languages supported by your phone.

Increase your productivity on the road and BUY HF-Memo for your Android smartphone!

HF-Memo is an easy-to-use mobile phone application for drivers, to handle voice and text data in the car. It is equipped with a Bluetooth remote controller for convenient access. Easily record parts of phone calls or your own dictation, or let your phone speak any incoming SMS, e-mails or WhatsApp messages aloud instead of reading them yourself, with just one press of a button!

  • It is easy to use. You can control the HF-Memo application with your hands on the wheel as the wireless remote controller is  attached on the steering wheel.
  • Only five switches on the remote controller: 2 switches for phoneaudio VOL +/-,   REC-switch for recording voice files, PLAY-switch for listening to voice files, SMS messages, e-mails or WhatsApp messages spoken aloud. NAVI-switch for shifting between modes and selecting the source for playing.
  • Use HF-Memo with any wired or A2DP compatible bluetooth handsfree equipment to get the best out of it.
  • Your phone runs the application on the background. Since you operate it via the remote controller, using HF-Memo doesn’t interfere with your regular phone actions. Dial a phone number while hearing it from a recording!
  • The steeringwheel controller has a rechargeable battery, capacity for appr. 3 months.
  • The application software comes on a standard microSD memory card for easy installation on the phone.
  • Currently supported text-to-speech languages: The languages supported by your phone.

Android compatibility:

This application is compatible from Android version 4.4.2. and upward.

Recording parts of calls:

Note: Not all Android phones support the two-way call recording feature. If your phone only supports recording your own voice, just repeat what you’ve heard and you’ll also make sure you heard it right.


Installing the application software

  • Insert the microSD memory card in your phone’s memory card slot.
  • The application asks for a license code. You’ll find your code attached to your sales package. You must also read and accept the usage terms.
  • In the beginning, your phone requests you to accept applications from unknown sources. After your approval, proceed as requested by the installation software. As a final action you must allow for advanced settings: “Display over other apps allowed”. Also to get a rapid connection with the remote controller, please switch the GPS of your phone ON. When the installation is complete, the HF-Memo icon appears on the phone’s applications list.
  • Start the HF-Memo application. Open the Settings menu and change the default settings where appropriate.
  • In order to use the text-to-speech feature, you must enter your e-mail address, password and incoming server of your mailbox in the appropriate fields and save them. Note: While typing, please check that “predictive text mode” is NOT ON.
  • Listening to WhatsApp messages you must also activate Notification on the Setting Menu.



  • To switch on the power, hold down REC button until the led becomes active. 
  • The device is ready for use when the blinking of the blue led turns slow. It may take a while. To get a rapid connection, please switch the GPS ON.
  • To switch off the power, hold down the REC button until the blue led stops blinking. The power is also automatically switched off when the bluetooth connection is cut off (distance between the phone and the controller is > 10 m).


You can use the remote controller in two different modes:

  • Text-to-speech mode: listen to your phone read your SMS, e-mails or WhatsApp messages aloud
  • Audio recording mode: record and listen to voice files

Shift between modes by a short press of NAVI button. You’ll see the indicator of the mode available on the phone’s screen and by pressing PLAY button you can listen to SMS message, e-mail, WhatsApp message or recorded file from the source you have selected.

Note: in order to enable listening to emails, you have to configure and save your email settings on the HF-Memo application Setting menu.


  • PLAY
  • To listen to recorded notes, or messages, click the PLAY button. You’ll hear the recorded file, SMS message, e-mail or WhatsApp message depending on the mode selected. To move to the second newest recorded file or SMS message, see SKIP backward. To listen to an e-mail message, click the PLAY button after you have selected the e-mail mode. You can listen to the SMS or newest email as many times as you like. Stop listening by pressing the REC button. To listen to the previous mail, open the last played email by tapping the header and press the PLAY button etc. To listen to a WhatsApp message, move to WhatsApp mode and click the PLAY button and you hear the arrived message one time. Before using this feature you must activate Notification on the Setting Menu.
  • To start recording, just click the REC button. To stop recording, click REC again. You hear in the beginning “BEEP” sound when REC is ON and “BEEP” sound twice when recording is OFF (Recording is not available on the text-to-speech mode.) ATTENTION: The mode is automatically shifting to REC-mode when the call is ON. The recording itself must be  activated by clicking the REC button when appropriate.
  • SKIP backward
  • Click the PLAY button twice to move to the previous SMS message or recorded file and listen to it. To replay this recording, click PLAY again. To stop playback, click the REC button.
  • SKIP forward
  • Hold PLAY button pressed and you ‘ll move forward and hear beginnings of recorded files. After releasing button you can play the file where you stopped as many times as you like by clicking the button.
  • SHIFT between modes
  • Click the NAVI button to shift between different modes: REC, SMS, e-mail or WhatsApp messages and you hear the audible sound of the mode selected and see the indicator of the mode you want on the phone’s screen. Click the PLAY button in order to hear the note or text message. To replay the message, click PLAY again. To stop playback, click the REC button.
  • VOL +/-, press the buttons either for increasing or decreasing the phoneaudio volume
  • QUIT
  • You can exit the HF-Memo app by entering the Settings menu and selecting “Quit”.


The colour of the blinking LED of the remote controller changes from BLUE to RED indicating the low battery level. Recharge it using your phone’s charger with an included, compatible micro-usb cable.


NOTE: The product is not yet available but becoming soon. Interested? Please email us your contact information, Android phone model and language you are interested in and we’ll be in touch when the accessory & app is available. 

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JK Tuote Lanser Oy

A pioneer within mobile phone accessories, JK Tuote Lanser Oy is a product development and marketing company located in Finland. Our product HF-Memo, a cell phone accessory, is the result of the multinational software & electronics expertise and continuous development based on studies of traffic safety articles and on feedback from drivers.

HF-Memo provides a recording feature for important voice data and a text-to-speech feature for received text data – all this by five easily operated push-buttons, your eyes all the time on the road and hands on the wheel.

E-Mail: sales@HF-Memo.com
Tel: +358 400 451 338
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